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Image of the Acura NSX '91 by pug106maxi.

News | Monday July 01, 2013 by Milouse | 23536 reads |

Play Gran Turismo 6 demo now! ...

...and enter GT Academy 2013. Details inside.

Site update | Tuesday June 04, 2013 by Milouse | 21294 reads | 4.0 likes your smartphone... ...

... and your tablet too!

News | Thursday May 16, 2013 by Milouse | 46490 reads |

Exclusive Gran Turismo 5 Vs Gran Turismo 6 shots ...

We've recreated two scenes from GT6 screenshots in GT5 for you to see by yourself if GT6 promises a revolution, and evolution. Or maybe...

News | Wednesday May 15, 2013 by Milouse | 27509 reads |

Gran Turismo 6 first video and screens released. [Updated x1] ...

You really shouldn't lose time reading this introduction, and jump in the article right now!

News | Monday April 01, 2013 by Milouse | 23113 reads |

Gran Turismo’s studio reshaping set a new Era for the game ...

Having what GT5 fans asked for years packed in a soon to be released patch? Don’t dream of it anymore, the very special man who is about to make it comes true talked to us.

News | Tuesday February 19, 2013 by Milouse | 14409 reads |

Will Gran Turismo 6 benefit from the PlayStation 4? ...

From a technical point of view, there is little to discover about the PlayStation 4, that should be unveiled in the following hours. Beyond specs sheet, how does it matter for Gran Turismo players?

Site update | Tuesday January 22, 2013 by Milouse | 15972 reads |

[UPDATED 2013-02-19] Performance Points in-game changes and consequences ...

The last Gran Turismo 5 patch, 2.10 released along the new Corvette DLC, altered many cars Performance Points, changing the game and turning the PP database into a big mess. Here's what you need to know (and how you can help).

News | Tuesday August 28, 2012 by Milouse | 21065 reads |

Driving Aids: Trust your brain,Tetris, and datas ...

If you think you can’t play a racing game without ABS, TCS or even AT, you’re not only over-pessimistic, you’re obviously missing a part of the essence of the game that those who know it will never abandon. And you’d better read this.

Site update | Saturday July 21, 2012 by Milouse | 14140 reads |

New Section on Rankings : advanced Time Trial ...

Browse freely into and filter millions of records made on GT5 events by more than one million players!

News | Tuesday May 29, 2012 by Milouse | 22722 reads |

An outstanding glimpse to the future of videogames car damages ...

Watch this video of where games car damages are likely to go in following years.

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2013-12-05Online Car Dealdership updated with many 0 km french cars (links available under filters in cars list)
2013-11-21Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars section, with mostly muscle cars @0km to buy..
2013-11-14Global Rankings, Stats and Player Scores have been updated (now include week #74). Leaderboards for #75 are online.
2013-10-10Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars list page, with a few trucks, the Bugatti Veyron, and some NSX race car, available to buy @ 0 km.
2013-09-26Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars section, with mostly cheap japanese models @0km to buy.

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