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Gran Turismo’s studio reshaping set a new Era for the game

News | Monday 01 April 2013 par Milouse | 23143 reads |

Having what GT5 fans asked for years packed in a soon to be released patch? Don’t dream of it anymore, the very special man who is about to make it comes true talked to us.

Yamatata Kadegas is one of a kind. This former military officer in Japan Self-Defense Forces took the direction of the “n departement” at Polyphony Digital three months ago. This put him in charge of the support of the most recent released Gran turismo game, currently GT5, while “n+1 department” focuses on the next Gran Turismo game project. Already famous in the company for his sudden outburst of anger followed by sardonic hilarity, the man is not only an iron fist. He has a GT5 agenda, and this is something he wants to share with the community. Here’s his first interview, exclusive to, made during his visit to Sainte-Anne facility in Paris last week. Do you read gamers messages on forums, and how do you take their feedback into account?

YK: Yes, off course. To be honest, i’m a bit fed up with all the negative i’ve read about GT5. That’s why we’re giving a new direction to the current game with the next patch you should get in a couple of weeks. Really, how so?

YK: We can’t stand hearing some people saying GT5 is not the ultimate simulation. That really hurts us. Badly. It’s like my heart is bleeding and my head is about to explode when i’m reading all those messages. (the man is almost crying - we felt a bit uncomfortable at this moment) Okay... But I mean, what will change in the next patch?

YK: We’ll get our dignity back, believe me. Players will know what a Real Simulator means. And they’ll learn it the hard way. For a start, we changed the AI settings, so that it now match real champion performances. Winning a race will be nearly impossible, unless you’re in the world GT5 drivers top 3 or 5 (“maybe ten” then whisper his sleepless assistant we didn’t have noticed before). Don’t you go too far?

YK: As i said, we’re taking very seriously what we’re reading online. I don’t want to read any more “too easy” about GT5. Never. But let me finish about the next patch. We introduce the blue flags, as it appeared during our internal test that common players are overlapped quite often by new AI cars. If the player don’t get out of the way, he’s black flagged. The race ends and he can’t race until the next week-end. What!?

YK: that’s the real simulation we’ve been asked for. You’ll only be able to drive in practice mode during week days, and you’ll be allowed to enter only one race per week. Player will have the choice to play the race the saturday or the sunday, but this is an option we could let or remove based on feedback. Anyway, with the now destroyable cars, for good, you may have no car left for the race day, so here’s my advice to players who get the patch first: don’t drive too fast as a 50 km/h crash renders most of the cars unusable. Keep also in mind that the fuel you’ll now have to pay for is expensive. Otherwise you’ll soon run out of both cars and money. You wouldn’t want to restart the game, right? I’m not sure about all this. Anyway... I’ve been said that you have something to announce to the hardcore collectors, who works on getting every car color variation.

YK: Yes, indeed. Our goal is to feed compulsion neurosis as much as we can, so we’ve decided to display in the garage the unique ID code of each car combination based on model, paint, rim color, and installed parts. Collecting all IDs should take around 17 years assuming you’re dedicated to your passion. Are you? Well... I don’t know. If we consider gamesave crash risk, or the fact that...

YK: Don’t be negative. This introduces a whole new gameplay vision! For the first time in a game you’ll have to wonder “will i live long enough to do that task”. And does it really worth it? Life, death... Wow, this is exciting! (he’s starting to cry again, with smile of excitement - we felt a bit scared). Will multiplayer be affected by the new game direction? And will you take actions against hacked gamesave users?

YK: Gamesave file hackers? (the man stops a few seconds like if he’s trying to contain anger, then ask his assistant for his box of pills). We’re going to track them (he’s opening the box), we’re going to find them (he’s taking three pills that he places in front of him), and we’re going to crush them! (effectively crushing his pills). Then we’ll remove multiplayer mode, with the exception of the Time Trial. It has been a hard decision to make as we didn’t want the players to be negatively impacted by this removal. But with the new weekend-only race restriction in 1-player mode, keeping multiplayer would have been like having an integrated cheat system. So i’m confident this was the right choice for Gran Turismo to be back on track as the Real Diving Simulator. Its Driving, not Diving...

YK: Yes, right, “Dliving”.


UPDATE: One day have passed, we can confirm that this psychotic imaginary guy will not live beyond the April Fool day.

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message #4 | Tuesday 14 May 2013 | Minecraft_Turismo | Report
I got ex-TRE-mely freaked out until i saw it was an april's fool. Funny one XD
message #3 | Thursday 18 April 2013 | aboe | Report
Nice one! lol
message #2 | Monday 08 April 2013 | danbojte | Report
Shame. I'd liked this guy. I wish a lot of what he said. So, get find that guy in the real world.
message #1 | Saturday 06 April 2013 | whiplash308 | Report
Well done haha.
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