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GT5 to get major update next week

News | Friday April 01, 2011 by Milouse | 17837 reads |

Having heard of the preparation for a conference around Gran Turismo 5 next Wednesday, we immediately disguised as a Sushi delivery boy to infiltrate Sony’s French HQ (located only a mile away from to get crucial information.

Getting advantage of the confusion surrounding the coffee machine that was displaying a puzzling “An update is required for this Cappuccino, please press PS button to continue” message, we’ve sneaked in the Secret Files Office. It didn’t take long to find a two pages document along with a floppy disk, just in time before our flashy pink suit raise suspicion among employees. The information we gathered are surprising, to say the least.


GT5 goes green

Let’s start with the bad news: the B-Spec mode is disappearing, cut from the game following ecologist lobbying. It has been pointed out that it unnecessarily raise power consumption: during B-Spec session - which can last 24 hours each - where player has, most of the time, no need to interact with the game at all, a first gen PS3 consume 200 W (100 W for a PS3 Slim), which is the lightning power consumption of several home (a dozen of light bulbs). Is it really a bad news after all?


Bye Bye Bob

As a direct consequence of the B-spec mode disappearance, a mini-game called “Shooting Bob” is introduced. It use the engine of the game Pain (available on PlayStation Network) in order to allow players to get rid of their B-spec drivers in a way that they deserve. It would seem that the injury points will award experience or credit (the document, which we read while running for escape, was unclear on that point).


M-Spec mode introduction

The most optimistic were expecting a C-Spec, or maybe a D-Spec mode (in the best-case), the arrival of a M-Spec mode is then surprising, especially as M stands for Motorcycle. The document did mention that twelve M models will be added to the car list, along with new driver suits that match the player’s country colors. We still don’t know if cars and motorcycle will share tracks, nor if they’ll be solo events like the A-Spec for cars, but we can expect, at least, to see Seasonal Events dedicated to these new machines.

F-Spec : Catch the fish

We didn’t have to read most of details about this new mode, but we can say that it will let you fish into the numerous water bodies that take place along the tracks. In this mini-game, the luckiest players will catch not only fish but also car’s paints, museum cards, and car’s parts (that explains why these are trading items since the game release).


Unfortunately, Sony security employees eventually catch us before we finish reading the document - who knows what other secret we missed?
The men in black were not very happy to have been fooled, but we succeed to hide the floppy disk. At the time of writing, we’re looking at a floppy drive. Expect an update today once we have seen its content.


Update : we've just read and unzip the floppy content, an image file that fill entirely the media, named Midnight_Track_AF01.tif. Here's a smallest version:



Update: as most of you already guessed (the article has been written with that purpose in mind), all the above is an April Fool. There were numerous hints, not mentionning many ridiculous details (but Power Consumption data are true). The picture is from PGR4 (Xbox 360), and have been modified: licence plates are AF (April Fool), and one often ignored not-so-small detail would deserve attention here...

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message #32 | Thursday April 21, 2011 | gdluque | Report
I thought this guy was serious in the beggining. Whatever, thx for the humor! Personally, I enjoy to stay in my sofa and watch B Spect races, and in time to time i'ts cool to move only a finger to say "slow down as h...!" or "hurry up stupid IA cocrache", etc... ;)
message #31 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | Reece | Report
The only thing I would want from here: M-Spec
message #30 | Tuesday April 05, 2011 | willstuart | Report
Sounds good!
message #29 | Sunday April 03, 2011 | OrangeBerry | Report
Removing B-Spec would quite literally be the best idea since sliced bread. Remove it entirely and combine all the credit and  car rewards into their cooresponding A-spec races. 
Also wiping all X-1s from accounts that don't have the S.Vettel challenge completed or grandfathered Bspec lv.35 is a good idea too.
message #28 | Sunday April 03, 2011 | killatigerownz | Report
I was actually believing you until M Spec.
message #27 | Saturday April 02, 2011 | HKEN702 | Report
message #26 | Saturday April 02, 2011 | GTAllstar | Report
I think your people have waaaaaay too much time on their hands.
message #25 | Saturday April 02, 2011 | DC2Integra | Report
I do like the Bye Bye Bob and F-Spec ideas though.  A nice break from such a rigid and detailed game.
message #24 | Friday April 01, 2011 | kOs2com | Report
ROFL !!!
message #23 | Friday April 01, 2011 | Luke_ess | Report
i take it everyone realises this is an April fools joke as some of the comments seem like they think it is real.
message #22 | Friday April 01, 2011 | striker12345678 | Report
F-Spec would be cool
message #21 | Friday April 01, 2011 | itsme93 | Report
lol they made my message invisible till update i put the day is the day more like
message #20 | Friday April 01, 2011 | Milouse | Report
Size of the text font is not an accident, indeed ;-)
message #19 | Friday April 01, 2011 | striker12345678 | Report
Hard luck guys, I can read the bottom.
message #18 | Friday April 01, 2011 | Ryusei | Report
Indeed today is the day lol
message #17 | Friday April 01, 2011 | kreveta90 | Report
April fool's day.
message #16 | Friday April 01, 2011 | Chrismeister77 | Report
I can't imagine they'll get rid of B-spec. What about all the car prizes in it? How else will they be obtained? hmm, i'm not convinced...
message #15 | Friday April 01, 2011 | itsme93 | Report
message #13 | Friday April 01, 2011 | Wulfman007 | Report
It's the First of April; istn't
message #12 | Friday April 01, 2011 | TheToad263 | Report
WTF is this a BS article in the vein of Onion news or is this legit? All of the updates sound good except for the BS fact that they are ditching B-Spec... WTF is that about? Screw the environmentalists. I am sorry but if their major concern is PS3s that are being left on overnight then they need to get thei priorities straight. There are plenty of places that can cut down on energy use without having to screw with video game developers. I actually am not a fan of B0spec in the sense that I enjoy it, but seeing as how some cars in the game are 15 and 20 million dollars, there is no other reasonable way get those kind of dollar amounts without having Bob race through some dreamcar championships. If they get rid of B-spec then it would take like a months worth of racing just to be ableto afford a Miura or something. The Miura and the impossible to find Chaparral 2J are the two cars in the game that I desperately want and simply can not get because of how much money they cost. I am at 937 car models and all that are left are the 1 million plus cars. The motorcles do look cool tho. And the fishing thing could possibly be cool if they do it right (if youre able to catch those super expensive cars that are so hard to buy the regular way)
message #11 | Friday April 01, 2011 | manix | Report
Hi, I'm from Argentina, this update is going tu happens today or when it will be?
message #10 | Friday April 01, 2011 | striker12345678 | Report
April Fools Day probably
message #9 | Friday April 01, 2011 | 667 | Report
This April fools thing is getting really old, really fast.
message #8 | Friday April 01, 2011 | steve_cfc7 | Report
Yeah right . April Fools!! LOL
message #7 | Friday April 01, 2011 | bfc_1882 | Report
be careful what you read after all it is april fools day
message #6 | Friday April 01, 2011 | bebeha | Report
don't f*ck me up,today is first april
message #5 | Friday April 01, 2011 | McClarenDesign | Report
Yeah, today would've been perfect.  Nice job.
message #4 | Friday April 01, 2011 | TurboTunaGT | Report
April Fools!
message #3 | Friday April 01, 2011 | WildW1lly | Report
Wow! Cant wait for it man! I really think the update should have been today though, I mean today would have been really good. Today is the day afterall.
message #2 | Friday April 01, 2011 | cgvickers | Report
Brilliant April Fools, almost got me  : )
message #1 | Friday April 01, 2011 | marcusd666 | Report
Sounds like April fools day to me...
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