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Get the Edge before the limit!

Guide | Tuesday April 05, 2011 by Milouse | 14362 reads |

Instructions to get the free US DLC "Chevrolet Camaro SS Edge Special"  for sure, and before too late.

batera99 sent me an email today to ask for a 1049th car:


" I noticed that your last news update about new cars on GT5 was the 1048th: Nissan GT-R SpecV (GT Academy Special). After that, we've had a 1049th : Camaro SS Special. It is offered as part of a promotion for shaving articles. [...] The offer expires on June 17th 2011. It was very easy to obtain it as you don't actually need to buy any products, just use UPC: 841058005209 when filling out the online form. [...]!/ps3Giveaway/. "


Although this car has been added on a few weeks ago (but followed by a news) - as the 1049th car - I found batera99's message usefull if you have an US PSN account and not the car yet.

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message #44 | Tuesday July 01, 2014 | RaceWings | Report
Edit your body code and set it to 06CF to get this car. You have to hack your savedata: this is the only way.
message #40 | Monday March 18, 2013 | BMC | Report
I want this carrrrrrr I will trade for it just reply to this plzzzz
message #39 | Saturday May 19, 2012 | Cruisin4life | Report
Thats unfair!!! A Car only for US Players!!!
message #38 | Wednesday January 18, 2012 | spankmaster79 | Report
Doesnt work anymore
message #37 | Thursday April 21, 2011 | Purblood | Report
Still working, Thanks
message #36 | Sunday April 17, 2011 | batera99 | Report
Hi Ozleyjoker, you need not only a US PSN account, but the game needs to be the US edition as well. I've done it a few times and it workes fine. You enter the code at the PSN Store.
message #35 | Saturday April 16, 2011 | Milouse | Report
i've just tested it, and it still works on the given website (no need us account to get the code work, but an american game is needed to see the DLC in the game itself). You don't try to enter the above code directly on your PS Store, right?
message #34 | Friday April 15, 2011 | ozleyjoker | Report
i have a us psn account but cant get the code to work. says invalid code and just refreshes code entry screen. HELP! really want this car. thx
message #33 | Wednesday April 13, 2011 | batera99 | Report
According to Milouse's statistics, there are 5034 people here registered with USA and Canada flags. I guess there might be even others (like me, who am also USA, but opted to show my other nationality: Brazil). All these people should be entitled to claim this free car if their PSN is from these two countries. However, only 648 show it in their garage. Come on guys, do it. The deadline expires on June 17th.
message #32 | Monday April 11, 2011 | batera99 | Report
@Milouse: man, you're good! That was fast! Thank you so much for keeping this site working so well. It's a great tool for GT5 fans. :-)
message #31 | Monday April 11, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@Batera99, indeed, serious bug it is ! I'll have a look in the code.
Edit: the bug has been fixed, thank you. I still need to recover your messages.
message #30 | Sunday April 10, 2011 | batera99 | Report
@Milouse: oops, I think I found a bug in the code. I edited my last entry here, sent again, now all my messages in this trend became equal to the last one...
message #29 | Sunday April 10, 2011 | batera99 | Report
@rymie: I'm glad it worked. I've read of another chrome car you can get in Europe, a Mazda, by visiting a real dealership and asking to an attendant. The posts were in a Spanish website, from Nov/Dec'10, so don't know if they're still running this promotion.
@Milouse: you're right, my mistake. I read again the result on
It reads: "a race suit for your avatar to wear in Playstation Home". Did you download one yourself? What is this? I've no idea what it looks like.
message #28 | Sunday April 10, 2011 | rymie | Report
Thanks a lot. Code worked- Cheers
message #27 | Sunday April 10, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@Batera99, well, it was not ;-)
message #26 | Sunday April 10, 2011 | batera99 | Report
@ Milouse, it was supposed to be a driver's suit.
message #25 | Sunday April 10, 2011 | batera99 | Report
Moderator: The suit code below has (now) been used.
@rymie, check this page. It gives you instructions how to play the game on a Facebook page. I created a dummy FB account and got it in less than 5 minutes. The codes for the car and a special driver's suit for your avatar are displayed right on the FB page. Playstation Store accepted the code, it downloads, but never gets added to my garage.
If anyone in Europe has use for a new driver's suit, here's the code I got: 77PQ-95B7-3A5K (US and Canada guys, don't spoil the code, it won't work...let someone in Europe take it).
Good luck
message #24 | Sunday April 10, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@ Batera99
wasn't that code a PlayStation Home Suit code?
message #23 | Saturday April 09, 2011 | rymie | Report
@ battera99   Which code did you use for the Jaguar XJ13 chrome line? I am in the UK so maybe it would work for me? Cheers
message #22 | Saturday April 09, 2011 | lavillegr | Report
Damn it! as it was expected it didn't work on my Aussie PS
message #21 | Saturday April 09, 2011 | antmcfc | Report
so you cant get this in england then
message #20 | Friday April 08, 2011 | yosemitemtb | Report
Thanks, worked perfectly!
message #19 | Friday April 08, 2011 | GSD | Report
This dlc works only with an US-copy of the game. You can download it from an US-account, but the car won't show up if you don't have the american version of the game. ALL dlc is region-locked! If you don't have the right game ID the dlc won't work and the GT5 game ID of the European and US version is different. It got nothing to do with sub or main account.
message #18 | Friday April 08, 2011 | batera99 | Report
@lbster   On the field "Enter Code" you place the UPC above. Then on the "Characters" field you copy what's on the left side. If the characters are too fuzzy, refresh them by clicking the button in the middle with two arc arrows. This will give you two more words. lower/Upper case and the space in the middle of the words are important.
I just got another code just for checking and writing this for you. It's very simple. Try again.!!!
message #17 | Friday April 08, 2011 | lbster | Report
The page keeps refreshing the secret letters. I can't get the car. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
message #16 | Thursday April 07, 2011 | Milouse | Report
DLC cars can't be traded, as displayed on the given car page on
message #15 | Thursday April 07, 2011 | HKEN702 | Report
thank you thank you!!! Got mine last night!
message #14 | Thursday April 07, 2011 | secmic76 | Report
I need this car plz.
My PSN ID:MiSchm76 for Friendship
message #13 | Thursday April 07, 2011 | wnddnjstj | Report
sadly my korean PSN id does,nt work ......that code....
message #12 | Thursday April 07, 2011 | no95forever | Report
can u gift the ticket to another account eg. crreate an american account and gift to aussie
message #11 | Thursday April 07, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@ darrengregg
I understand, but we Europeans got two DLC exclusive cars too.
message #10 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | darrengregg | Report
Poor how this car is only available to certain accounts....?
How is this fair..?
message #9 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | batera99 | Report
I had the same experience when trying to redeem codes for the Jaguar XJ13 Chrome Line, which you can get by doing a certain Facebook test. I created an UK PSN account, the code downloads but the car is never added to the garage. Only European accounts (probably due to a different GT5 game, IP address, or something else) can get it.
message #8 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | batera99 | Report
All true, you need to have a US PSN account (as the announcement above states in the last sentence). These shaving products are sold only in the USA.
message #7 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | Ryusei | Report
The Edge Special code works with Canadian accounts too. I have a Canadian PSN account and got the car.
message #6 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@ Pabliss
It is only for US account. Even a secondary US account doesn't seems to work, you need to have your main PSN account to be US. Secondary account does allow you to validate the code and download the DLC, but you can't see it after you launch the game with an US PSN ID.
message #5 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | Pablisss | Report
Doesn't work in spanish PSN... :( says activaction code is no valid already
message #4 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | batera99 | Report
Thanks for replying. I'm new to PSN. This was the first code I ever downloaded so it surprised us that everyone once logging into their accounts got a notice that the car was added to their Garage as well!! Good news for a change.... ;-)
message #3 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | batera99 | Report
Addittional interesting fact that I entered the code only on my primary PSN account. Somehow, all the other accounts we have registered in the same console (son, nephew, wife, etc), even though they use other PSN logins, got the car as well.
message #2 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | CHarv24 | Report
All donwloaded on content can be used by everyone else registered on the same PS3, as long as the owner (The ID which you downloaded it with) stays registered to that PlayStation.
message #1 | Wednesday April 06, 2011 | GTP_DigitalBaka | Report
Works perfectly!  Thanks!
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