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2013-12-05Online Car Dealdership updated with many 0 km french cars (links available under filters in cars list)
2013-11-21Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars section, with mostly muscle cars @0km to buy..
2013-11-14Global Rankings, Stats and Player Scores have been updated (now include week #74). Leaderboards for #75 are online.
2013-10-10Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars list page, with a few trucks, the Bugatti Veyron, and some NSX race car, available to buy @ 0 km.

Inside stats disclosed

News | Monday April 11, 2011 by Milouse | 9834 reads |

Today, i've decided to run some stats on and to share results with you. What are the most popular or the most common cars? Which country come registred users the most from? Answers inside...

Following stats are based on 20,382 registred users, 13,437 online garages, 2,862,051 models* and 2,903,864 cars in garages on website, at time of writing.

* : owning the same car multiple times count only for 1 here.

Top 20 user's country

  • Usa 19.7 %
  • France 18.1 %
  • Uk 12.5 %
  • Germany 7.4 %
  • Italy 5.6 %
  • Canada 5.0 %
  • Spain 4.5 %
  • Netherlands 3.2 %
  • Belgium 2.8 %
  • Australia 2.7 %
  • Brazil 2.4 %
  • Portugal 2.3 %
  • Russia 1.5 %
  • Norway 1.1 %
  • Switzerland 1.0 %
  • Sweden 1.0 %
  • China 0.9 %
  • Finland 0.8 %
  • Austria 0.8 %
  • Danemark 0.8 %
  • Uk count for both UK chosen flag and UK countries specific flags.

Top 20 Most read Profile pages

  • Gt5r8
  • Rudi Raser
  • MOB_Hitman24
  • GT5rs_Eddie
  • dysgorphe
  • dharbert
  • VinVenom
  • Greyforce07
  • Dark_falz
  • DAGO619
  • seba74742
  • War_Hound1970
  • asgard88
  • Reace82
  • Oo_ShuRiK-N_oO
  • Calim_0euf
  • TK4-57
  • Outeke
  • andyturneruk
  • Forza_str

Top 10 Most popular items

  • (C) Silver Chrome
  • (C) Gold Chrome
  • Ticket 1000
  • Level 21
  • Level 17
  • Level 12
  • Level 24
  • Level 09
  • Level 5
  • (M) Matte Black

Update (addition):

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message #18 | Tuesday April 19, 2011 | Hentaikink | Report
I do not have much yet but everything I have is available if someone needs it for there collection.
message #17 | Monday April 18, 2011 | christara321 | Report
LOL nothing up with it I just don,t want to go looking for another after collecting the 279 I have. :)
So am hoping there,s only 279.?
message #16 | Monday April 18, 2011 | Milouse | Report
What's wrong with the number 280 horn? I've set number of horns up to 280 in doubt, and will adjust it in future, if that's your concern ;-)
message #15 | Monday April 18, 2011 | christara321 | Report
Hi Milhouse firstly great site its a big help when collecting every thing but please tell me its a type mistake on the number 280 on the horns. So need it to be?
Can,t go searching for another.LOL
message #14 | Monday April 18, 2011 | batera99 | Report
Hi Chris, thanks for the tip. My suggestion was more towards others following my path, as I'm already at the end. Currently I only have 3 standard models to go, and only one of them is tradeable (the others are $1M or over): Honda Raybrig NSX '00. I hope to get it tonight, though. I've got both a Lvl17 and a B'day '00 tickets. I'll get this guy one way or another. Cheers.
message #13 | Sunday April 17, 2011 | christara321 | Report
batera may I suggest here.
Good link and friendly, just set a trade for the Items your after?
But you,ll need to sign up plus its free to sign up?
message #12 | Sunday April 17, 2011 | batera99 | Report
Milouse, if I may suggest, as a car collector getting to the end of the list of cars I need to complete the garage, one tool I'd really appreciate is to search which member has a particular car, and a way to contact them. Thanks again for the awesome job you do in this site. :-)
message #11 | Sunday April 17, 2011 | christara321 | Report
Please don,t tell me there,s 280 horns. No way. Can,t be?
Help need number 280.
message #10 | Sunday April 17, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@andyturneruk, i'm reading your comment 10 minutes after having added the Horns collection to ! There are at the end of Musuem page.
message #9 | Sunday April 17, 2011 | andyturneruk | Report
I think the only thing missing now from this excellent website is a page to list/collect the horns... if people are really that bored to collect them...!
message #8 | Wednesday April 13, 2011 | MooseJaw_Mike77 | Report
Awesome additions m8.  On the Camaro SS Edge Special topic, I have used their products for years and i now have the codes for 4 more of this car lol too bad we can't list our multiples huh and i have decided PD  bites as I can not get the chrome line or stealth cars because i couldn't afford the dang collector's/ limited /signaure editions of the game GRRRRRR is all i can say now
message #7 | Wednesday April 13, 2011 | batera99 | Report
Interesting fact based on your last posting: only 648 people here claimed the Chevrolet Camaro SS Edge Special (or updated their garage after acquiring it). This car can be obtained free of charge by USA and Canadian users as we posted a week ago. USA and Canada are represented with 19.7% and 5%, which means 5034 registered users in this site. Guys, wake up....the offer expires in June. ;-)
message #6 | Wednesday April 13, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@ SwapShop, i've updated the article with a full ranked list of DLC, mostly Stealth and Chrome Line cars.
message #5 | Wednesday April 13, 2011 | SwapShop | Report
Can you give a stealth car breakdown?
message #4 | Tuesday April 12, 2011 | batera99 | Report
@ Milouse, it's true about Japanese, and you can say the same for Brazilians. Don't expect to go there and meet many people to speak with unless you know Portuguese. However, I don't know if we can trace a parallel between the regular folk you meet on the streets in those countries (who wouldn't know any English), versus the internet savvy PS3/GT5 player who is exposed to a lot of content in English in the internet. As you can see, even though Brazilians speak Portuguese, we are here represented with a 2.4% presence. And Russians like dubovoy12 with 1.5%. I just thought it was an interesting fact that the Japanese who are probably the majority of the owners of this game are not in the top 20. Cheers.
message #3 | Tuesday April 12, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@ Batera99, japaneses don't speak english well. If you travel in Japan, don't expect to meet many people there to speak with, unless you're speaking japanese.
message #2 | Tuesday April 12, 2011 | dubovoy12 | Report
batera99 you right. I am from Russia but do not know much English
message #1 | Tuesday April 12, 2011 | batera99 | Report
I am impressed that the site doesn't have a bigger Japanese presence. I thought this game must be big in there. Could it be that the languages offered here (English and French) don't suit them?
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