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2013-11-21Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars section, with mostly muscle cars @0km to buy..
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New Feature on : photos!

Site update | Tuesday May 03, 2011 by Milouse | 8033 reads |

Starting now, it is possible to post your own photos on if they are hosted on Imageshack or Photobucket. Here are it works...

This is something in the works since a long time - actualy since the launch of - but i didn't have time to do it the way I wanted until last week. You can now go on any car's page (by using the car list or the instant search bars at top and bottom of each pages) to find a "add image" button.


The button pop a window where all you have to do is to paste an url of a (or some) GT5 in-game image related to that car that you've previously posted on Imageshack or Photobucket image hosting services. The image is then loaded on your browser window before you confirm. This will add the image on both the car's page and your own profile page, which will display every cars you posted on


Clicking and images open a Viewer designed for this with, each time, links to author's page, car's page, image url (for easing sharing on your favorite forum) and image opening in a new window. As the images are loaded in their full size in Viewer main window, don't hesitate to use that "zoom" button. That's also mean you play with the Viewer on a non-dsl-like internet connection.


And as pride of showing his (or her) good work is often not enough for some of you, rating stars will show to the world that YOU are the best at pics (or not).


As with any new feature, don't hesitate to give feedback and report bug.


One more thing... As a side-note i should put on every post: don't even try this with your very old browser (IE7 users... please get Chrome, Firefox or IE9, they can only make your life on the web better)


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message #4 | Thursday December 22, 2011 | ANNIHILATOR90 | Report
wow, thanks for the fast reply and clearing that up. Keep up the good work and thanks again :-)
message #3 | Thursday December 22, 2011 | Milouse | Report
Consider the rating as an elastic band tied to the average 5/10. When you vote, you pull the elastic your way. This avoid that an image with only 2 10/10 votes gets a 10/10, but allow an image voted 10/10 10 times to actualy being rated 10/10.
Different users can pull in different way.
You can vote for you own image but you need more than one vote to an image to count for your Score.
Also, since last update, the Highlighted images are randomly displayed on website front page. You can see a selection of highlighted images are the one you can see at the end of this article (above this post).
For an image to be highlighted, it first needs to fill some minimum photographic criterias - a small grey car in the center of the screen won't make it. ANNIHILATOR90, you do have the needed skills, by the way ;-)
message #2 | Thursday December 22, 2011 | ANNIHILATOR90 | Report
I like the feature, but how does the calculation of votes work exactly? ex. You have 5/10 for 0 votes, then one person votes and you get 5.1 or 5.3 / 10, so I'm really confused how that's possible when there are only 5 different ratings.
And how many votes/photo's do you need to get points for your gallery score on your profile?
message #1 | Tuesday May 03, 2011 | Milouse | Report
Update: Problem solved.
There is a known issue with rating module that prevent you from voting when someone else already gave stars to an image. This will be solved today.
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