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PSN is back, with car trading!

News | Sunday May 15, 2011 by Milouse | 8369 reads |

Starting today, PlayStation Network is restored progressively. The wait may be longer depending of where you live...

US and Canada services has been officialy restored, other country will follow. PlayStation Store is not part of the features turned on today, but multiplayer is. Does it include GT5 trading? We'll know that soon...

[Update : trading is working !]


Whether your PSN is up or not, you should be able to download the last PS3 firmware, and prepare for choosing a new password as you'll be prompt for changing it.

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message #9 | Friday June 03, 2011 | Milouse | Report
Indeed, PS Store is up in Europe.
message #8 | Friday June 03, 2011 | hoovinho | Report
playstatio0n store is back online in germany
message #7 | Monday May 23, 2011 | m0t0cyc0 | Report
F.Y.I. for those who've 'lost' accounts, see question 2 here - it seems Sony are aware that people use fake e-mail addresses for their accounts :-p
message #6 | Friday May 20, 2011 | Spooner | Report
It would be cool if they would lift the restriction on one car in 24 hours.
message #5 | Tuesday May 17, 2011 | marcusd666 | Report
I lost my sub accounts as well luckly most of my tickets are still onmy main account because I could not transfer them to the sub account. But have lost all my birthday tickets.
message #4 | Tuesday May 17, 2011 | Recon*fx | Report
toget to my other account i have to use my other hotmail account, but ththose things are hard to figure out thats  why i stick to sony
message #3 | Monday May 16, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@captainskyhawk, i may have the same problem with my other account, where I store some tickets. Some may have lost such account in the process :-(
message #2 | Monday May 16, 2011 | adellanotte | Report
At last!
message #1 | Monday May 16, 2011 | captainskyhawk | Report
I am up and running this morning and trading is also working.
I lost my second account where I had all my tickets stored because I used a phony email address when I set it up and now I cannot transfer them to my main account anymore. I am well gutted.
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