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2013-12-05Online Car Dealdership updated with many 0 km french cars (links available under filters in cars list)
2013-11-21Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars section, with mostly muscle cars @0km to buy..
2013-11-14Global Rankings, Stats and Player Scores have been updated (now include week #74). Leaderboards for #75 are online.
2013-10-10Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars list page, with a few trucks, the Bugatti Veyron, and some NSX race car, available to buy @ 0 km.

GT5 goes 1.10, with collectible racing gears!

Game update | Wednesday June 08, 2011 by Milouse | 14118 reads |

The today's +300 MB patch tweaks nicely some parts of the game, and adds more collectibles : driver suits and helmets.

Racing gear items, price cut on Online Collector's Dealership, prizes on online events (the new events awards car tickets from lv21 to 23!) , parts than can be purchased on settings car screen (that huge news for car tuners), AI tweak, save option between championship races, music bonus tracks and bug fixes: 1.10 patch is a nice one !


The full patch notes are available for you to read on patchnotes page, but the question raised here is : will all the new collectibles AND TRADABLE helmets and suits be also on The answer is yes, in the following days. For a start, we are gifted with 8 of them when we connect online. Then, we can put them on our a-spec driver (click on your in-game portrait to do that) and ask the game to take 9 automatic photo shots we can choose from to set a nice profile pics.


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message #27 | Thursday June 16, 2011 | Busisko | Report
I lost 2 seconds to Skyline without wings. Wings help me to take gold and Nissan R89C Race Car `89.
message #26 | Wednesday June 15, 2011 | Milouse | Report

@kOs2com, I read the same on forums, so no, you're not alone.  But we have yet to see it in-game!
message #25 | Wednesday June 15, 2011 | kOs2com | Report
In the new intro - when you walk between the helmets and the suits - I think I see the Stig's helmet. (on the left about pos 10). Someone sees the same? Is it available in the game?
message #24 | Wednesday June 15, 2011 | DannyBorgir | Report
@Secretmaster: i've tried your setting on another account of mine and it worked for me too (besides the one I posted a couple of days ago). It allows a more agressive driving. But I had to set TCM on 6 and ABS on 4. Recommendable :)
message #23 | Monday June 13, 2011 | Secretmaster | Report
Golded the Subaru challenge after a couple of tries. First laptime should be around the 1.36.5, rest of the laps should be in the 1.35.5 (with these lap times, you will overtake the nr.1 with 2/3 corners left before finish) I have done this with a controller, and i find this one the hardest of them all.
Parts installed:
I installed everything (don't forget to install the Aerodynamics)
Settings i used:
Aerodynamics: F:0 R:20
Ballast: 14kg, Position 50
Power Limiter: 77.5%
Transmission: Max speed 240
f:5 r:5
f:15 r:45
f:5 r:60
Torque Distributing Centre Differential:
f:20 r: 80
Suspension (Suspension)
f:-5 r:-20
f:10.0 r:14.5
f:6 r: 8
f:6 r:8
f:4 r:2
Suspension (Wheel Alignment)
f:1.5 r: 0.5
f:-0.35 r:-0.35
f:4 r:10
Cars i won with the events:
Nissan Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car
Chaparral 2D Race Car '67
Bentley Speed 8 Race Car '03 - Subaru Event
I don't remeber which car i got for the other 2 events.
message #22 | Monday June 13, 2011 | Milouse | Report
The first thing to have in mind is to drive on steady, regular pace, instead of pushing at all cost. Check your speed in each turn, memorize the best one you can achieve safely, and drive softly sticking to that reference speed - don't need to take useless risk. This could sounds as an evidence, but it is not what everyone do spontaneously - starting by myslelf, and that approach has been the key for me.
On side note, if someone have the idea to cheat the game in the following way, well I tried and it does not work: Use a car with low mileage because when driving such car, its power increase slowly. Race, trying to finish at your target position (1st ?), but use Restart instead of finishing the race to avoid the root menu where the game control your power. It doesn't work because the game reset your power at the initial state when you restart.
message #21 | Monday June 13, 2011 | Monatsende | Report
Thanks dude. I`ll try and will find out if it works for me. :-)))
message #20 | Monday June 13, 2011 | DannyBorgir | Report
Gold on Subarus event:
Ballast position 50 Aero kits (Aerodynamics) 15 Gear Ratio top speed 137  *3rd gear 2258 *6th gear 1257 Adjustable LSD all to minimum Torque Differential 30-70 Ride Height -25 & -25 Spring Rate 6.3 & 5.0 Camber 2.8 & 0.5 Brake Balance 6 & 5 TC-AS-ASM 0 ABS 2 Controller sensitivity 5 (using dualshock3).
... but not without trying it a couple of times :D. I hope it woks for someone else :)
message #19 | Monday June 13, 2011 | Monatsende | Report
Gold on Fiat and Lotus event. But still only 2nd with the Subaru. I need to find about 8 seconds. Any good advices?
message #18 | Sunday June 12, 2011 | captainskyhawk | Report
Thanks bendotcom for the lotus tip, now have level 22 ticket. Haven't done the other 2 yet. 3rd one seems impossible at the mo.
message #17 | Sunday June 12, 2011 | hoovinho | Report
fiat event: mid rpm turbo. equip everything with no Power Points. transmission on max. speed 160,
adjustable LSD on 5, 60, 20. aerodynamics on 5. Suspension on -10, -10. 11.6, 10.0, !6 , 6! !6 , 6! !4 , 4!
and lighter windows.
message #16 | Saturday June 11, 2011 | bendotcom | Report
i've just golding the 2nd event (lotus 111R) and got ticket for level 22 car (i got ford GT LM spec II test car). and Silver on the 1st and 3rd event. still working on golding it... anyone could advise the setting to golding 1st and 3rd event ??
tips for 2nd event (Lotus 111R) : set traction control to 8-9
message #15 | Thursday June 09, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@hoovinho, not me, I was too busy working on the new website section (Gears) to even try it ;-)
message #14 | Thursday June 09, 2011 | hoovinho | Report
did somebody finished the expert online event???
message #13 | Thursday June 09, 2011 | pat007 | Report
Please, update the seasonal events page, because all event prizes are tripled.
message #12 | Thursday June 09, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@kdmac67, I don't think, and don't see how, but YOU will tell US.
message #11 | Thursday June 09, 2011 | kdmac67 | Report
I updated my system software to 3.65 AFTER I updated the game to 1.10.
Will this have any effect on the new game patch?
message #10 | Thursday June 09, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@ DannyBorgir, you can virtually save any game state by dumping console memory onto hard drive. But this is not and effective way to do the thing, developers only save data that they should. Saving during a race where lot of complex algorithms are at work - like a predictive one for AI - seems to be an issue for PD. I don't know why, but I know that such problem would result to a lack of control during replay for example, and that is something also missing in GT5 ; so I think PD is facing a technical issue here (that would need time to be resolved), and that it is not a design choice.
message #9 | Thursday June 09, 2011 | Milouse | Report
These are two new level tickets, 22 and 23. I've just added them in the Items section, thanks for remind me this ;-)
message #8 | Wednesday June 08, 2011 | andyturneruk | Report
Sooooo... Level 23? This is a new special ticket just for these Seasonal Events? Damn, another ticket to collect...!  :-p
message #7 | Wednesday June 08, 2011 | DannyBorgir | Report
@Milouse: I don't know how hard would that be for this particular game, but I remember I played "Le Mans 24 hours" on ps1 and it's sequel on ps2 and you were able to save each time you hit the pits in the actual race. I didn't try to play the lasts endurance races on GT5 because the PS3's Instruction Manual says: "Avoid prolonged use of the PS3 system and wireless controller." I think 24 hours it's a... prolonged use :)
Anyway great updates!
message #6 | Wednesday June 08, 2011 | Milouse | Report

@pat007, in-race save would be much more difficult than standings saving, from a technical point of view. It seems it would be possible, as PD had face similar situation (and solution) when the game save a ghost. But with a difference in this case : such feature would need to save AI state for every opponent, in addition to every car's physic state. Difficultie could lies in the way the AI engine works internaly.
message #5 | Wednesday June 08, 2011 | pat007 | Report
Interrupting and resuming championship races but not in endurance races yet! : (
message #4 | Wednesday June 08, 2011 | Milouse | Report
I've just saw that new Time Attack and Drift online events also gift gear items based on Target time/score, no matter how you rank online.
message #3 | Wednesday June 08, 2011 | dr.good | Report
@milouse obviously you have to win before...but are the same huge prices (over money and tickets, also other helmets and suits)
message #2 | Wednesday June 08, 2011 | Milouse | Report
And prize money range from 900 000 to 1 100 000 Cr for 1st place in this new online events!
message #1 | Wednesday June 08, 2011 | dr.good | Report
this is an huge contents update!
and used dealership online cars are like new and priced 50%! is good time to buy Bentley speed 8 (?) 'cus it cost only 2'875'000
and yes...finally hard seasonal events (with huge price: lv 21-22-23 tickets!)
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