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Why and how backup your GT5 save file

Guide | Wednesday February 16, 2011 by Milouse | 15925 reads |

There are numerous stories around the web about the game saves crashing, or being lost. Among them emerge a kind of "leak" in the save files that make the file grow beyond (around) 4 000 KB, leading it to be impossible to be read by the game itself.

The exact reason(s) for this growth are still to be known, but it could involve, in certain circumstances, exchanging or viewing museum cards. Do you have to stop using them, then? No, as long as you keep an eye on you save file size. (over 2 500 KB should start to warn you)
You cannot check file size in the game. You need to quit game and go in the save files menu (above where you see the GT5 disc icon), and find Gran Turismo 5 directory. Once on file (should be the first one), you can use Triangle to open a menu to Copy the file. You can copy it on two target :

  • 1. Portable Media (like USB card).
  • 2. Other account on your PS3: this can be done as long as you don't plan to launch the game with that target profile, as it would delete the copied file (but not your original profile file).

Important: One backup at time isn't enough, as if your game is corrupted, you may backup it without knowing and end with two corrupted files. So you need to alternate between two targets, or often copying your USB PS3/[gt5gamedirectory (looks like "BCES00569-GAME")] directory to your computer (always keeping multiple copies).

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