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2013-12-05Online Car Dealdership updated with many 0 km french cars (links available under filters in cars list)
2013-11-21Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars section, with mostly muscle cars @0km to buy..
2013-11-14Global Rankings, Stats and Player Scores have been updated (now include week #74). Leaderboards for #75 are online.
2013-10-10Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars list page, with a few trucks, the Bugatti Veyron, and some NSX race car, available to buy @ 0 km.

New Seasonal Event: Nascar Challenge, with OCD update

Game update | Tuesday August 30, 2011 by Milouse | 9232 reads |

Car coupons and Jeff Gordon gear set are waiting for you on the finish line.

This new event is quite unusual : each of the four challenge provide the Nascar car needed for the race, that have different one time rewards:

  1. Trial Mountain x5 : Gift Car Coupon Classic Muscle
  2. Indianapolis Road Course x5 : Gift Car Coupon Modern Muscle
  3. Rome City Reverse x5 : Gift Car Coupon NASCAR
  4. Suzuka Circuit x7 : Special Jeff Gordon Gear Set

Total prize is 1,500,000 Cr and 400,000 XP for each race.


New drift challenge and Time Attack are active, and the OCD has been updated with low class cars. Online Dealership Car List (2011 August 30th) on

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message #21 | Tuesday September 13, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@andyturneruk, i've considered adding them, but i won't as it could raise too much questions for most of gear page visitors, and because the glitched items could well be wiped by a future GT5 patch.
message #20 | Sunday September 11, 2011 | andyturneruk | Report
Hey Milouse, maybe two new items to add to gears (possibly), they are "glitch" items... DoubleStripe 00 suit and Horizon 00 helmet ... looks like this:
message #19 | Tuesday September 06, 2011 | sickboy4000 | Report
Yeah great work Milhouse. This patch was great and the NASCAR seasonal was good with great XP and at last cars to win rather than the boring helmets and suit options. One downside is the cars on sale which are pretty poor. Otherwise great!!!
message #18 | Monday September 05, 2011 | hoovinho | Report
new patch this morning. version 1.12: only small problems fixed
you can setup the LSD on FF cars again
message #17 | Sunday September 04, 2011 | whiplash308 | Report
I was scared of this one when I saw it, mainly because of the fact of my ability to drive my own Nascars..but hell this was way too easy. Only one I had to do a couple of times was Rome due to shenanigans, but agreed with comment #3..very simple.
message #16 | Saturday September 03, 2011 | andyturneruk | Report
Thanks Milouse, great work as usual...!
message #15 | Saturday September 03, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@andyturneruk, yes, i've added Jeff Gordon gear.
message #14 | Friday September 02, 2011 | Cadena_Racing | Report
Piece of Cake
message #13 | Thursday September 01, 2011 | andyturneruk | Report
@ Ronsin : It was (as usual) quite easy, although the Rome race was the best of the challenges... Nascar and cobblestone roads do not mix well together...!
message #11 | Thursday September 01, 2011 | Ronsin | Report
Seems to me the Nascar Challenge was way to easy!
message #10 | Wednesday August 31, 2011 | andyturneruk | Report
@Milouse : Will you maybe add the Nascar gear to the Gears section?
message #8 | Wednesday August 31, 2011 | HuXzZ0R | Report
nice event, i hope there'll be challenges for loeb and vettel gears too... soon :)
message #7 | Wednesday August 31, 2011 | SmittMan | Report
@VFazio Agreed
message #5 | Tuesday August 30, 2011 | VFazio | Report
Very nice event with easy money.  I hate the new ODC cars, they´re VERY old.
message #3 | Tuesday August 30, 2011 | hoovinho | Report
Trial Mountain: Very easy, won with +11,779 sec and no perfect race, no competition. Got a Chevelle SS 454´70
Indy Street: Same as Trail Mountain. Got a Corvette Z06 (C5) ´00
Rome : A little bit trickier because of the thight streets. +06,553. Got a 2010 Juan Montoya #42 IMPALA
Suzuka Circiut: Like the first two ciruits +13,542.
After all it`s a very easy Challenge and very easy 6.000.000 credits.
message #2 | Tuesday August 30, 2011 | Milouse | Report
And for obscure reason, it looks like their is no way to remove a driving aid for the Nascar Challenge.
message #1 | Tuesday August 30, 2011 | andyturneruk | Report
Looks like maybe a problem with latest update 1.11, after installing this you may not be able to access LSD settings for any FF cars you have.  :'(
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