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2013-12-05Online Car Dealdership updated with many 0 km french cars (links available under filters in cars list)
2013-11-21Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars section, with mostly muscle cars @0km to buy..
2013-11-14Global Rankings, Stats and Player Scores have been updated (now include week #74). Leaderboards for #75 are online.
2013-10-10Online Car Dealership (OCD) list updated in the Cars list page, with a few trucks, the Bugatti Veyron, and some NSX race car, available to buy @ 0 km.

[Update3] GT5 goes 2.02 today with DLC added, goes 3.0

Site update | Tuesday December 20, 2011 by Milouse | 8954 reads |

To celebrate the second DLC car pack for Gran Turismo 5, the website get a new design.

I'll let you discover the new design by yourself as you search for the 5 ([update1] 6 now) new cars.


But as the main Car List on has now a DLC filter (the scope of DLC is wide here, as you'll see), you shouldn't search for long ;-)


Datas for the cars will be completed with your contribution.


It should not be necessary, but if you ever see weird things/image on the website, try to reload the page (you'd better to it once when connected to be sure to refresh driver image).



- FT-86 II Concept '11 (that seems to be tradable) added, with a corresponding DLC filter.

- Search bar updated

Note: be aware that the DLC filter currently stack to other filters (as opposed to Bonus and Make which reset other filters), it would be a good idea to reset other filters before clicking a DLC link.

[Update3] DLC filter to show up every and only DLC cars added, and DLC filter select now clear other filters.

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message #47 | Sunday January 15, 2012 | deba94 | Report
Thank you very much Milhouse for including DLC cars in the Missing Car List! The site is absolutely perfect now.
Keep up the excellent work!
message #46 | Tuesday January 10, 2012 | 88FoxBodyFan | Report
Just wanted to let you know when you add the 2011 Mini Cooper S and go to myPage section, it slots between MG and Marcos, instead of with the rest of the Minis.
message #45 | Tuesday January 03, 2012 | Milouse | Report
@xke, you have the answer a few post below and in the (long) intructions that i've added a few days ago on top of the Cars list page (you can hide/show them and this setting will be saved on your current browser)
message #44 | Tuesday January 03, 2012 | xke | Report
super update ;) 
is there a possibility to add more that 1 time a car .... in the future maybe
keep up the good work like it aaaaaaaaaaa LOT
message #42 | Friday December 30, 2011 | Monatsende | Report
New design? I like!!!
message #41 | Thursday December 29, 2011 | Milouse | Report
batera99, i've just added a news (Update or made during night in Europe) and links about new events/ocd. Level 15 tickets is now on Items page. As for merging Special Gear with regular Gear, it is not currently possible for technical reasons.
message #40 | Thursday December 29, 2011 | batera99 | Report
Hi Milouse, I just earned a Ticket Level 15 in one of the latest Season races. Please add it when you have a chance.
Also, don't know if it's just me, but I'd rather have the special gear (only helmets and suits) listed together in the same page as the regular ones so we can check if we have the same count between GT5 and your site.
message #39 | Monday December 26, 2011 | Milouse | Report
1) => You can already do this: keep your mouse button down during 0.5 seconds on the "own" icon in order to increment the car model's quantity. Left click decrement, then.
2) => You were already able to see tradabale cars on Trade Comparison page (via additional navigation bar available when visiting someone else's page while being connected), but i've just added a "tradable" filter to the main carlist. ;-)
@Busiko, i hope you'll get use to new design.
message #37 | Saturday December 24, 2011 | tabsy123 | Report
Many thanks for upgrading the website.  It looks great.  Is it possible to add a couple more features please ? i.e. 1) a way to enter multiple cars so that I can keep track of which ones I have duplicates of ? and 2) a filter that shows all the cars that are giftable / tradable ?  Thanks
message #36 | Thursday December 22, 2011 | slower than bob | Report
Whoa! working great with ''Chrome'' much faster than IE too! 
Thanks for the heads-up bro!
message #35 | Thursday December 22, 2011 | slower than bob | Report
Thanks Milouse, Looks like time to upgrade browsers. Merry Christmas!!!
message #34 | Thursday December 22, 2011 | Milouse | Report
slower than bob, thanks for reporting this - same problem here indeed with an IE8* (i don't know if you use 8 or 9). It may takes a bit of time to fix, until then, you'll have no choice but using a real browser :-p (Chrome would be my first choice)
*: by the way, almost 10% of user that access this website are still using this obsolete browser (IE8, not 9) that have dramatic performance with its build-in javascript engine, which is a programming language that most modern websites use. Not mentioning its lack of graphic features that downgrade design. Not mentionning it doesn't auto update itself like Firefox and Chrome.
message #33 | Thursday December 22, 2011 | slower than bob | Report
Hello Milouse. I am having the issue of not being able to edit the ''note'' section of my cars. I am using ''Internet Explorer''.  When i click on the note section it says i have ''161/30'' characters! even if i delete the existing text (which is less than 30 characters) and click ''save'' I am then taken directly back to ''GT5 car'' section. then when i click ''my page'' and scroll down to the ''edited'' car... all previous text is there. weird! any help would be appreciated, as i am trying to keep track of car colours using the note section. Thanks!
message #32 | Thursday December 22, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@Busisko, unless you own a time machine, that not gonna happen. But you could explain more in details about "being not good" for this new version. Let's see what can be done about it.
@Powermarty2, thanks.
message #31 | Thursday December 22, 2011 | Powermarty2 | Report
The actual names of the DLC Car Pack 2 cars are:
Volkswagen - Scirocco R '10
Mini - MINI COOPER S '11
Volkswagen - Golf VI R '10
Nissan - GT-R Black edition '12
message #29 | Wednesday December 21, 2011 | adam9k | Report
WOW! Amazing site update!!!
It's a very good christmas gift!
The site was outdated for a bit, but now all we know why...
Tnx Milouse!!!
message #28 | Wednesday December 21, 2011 | Milouse | Report
Thank you all for the usefull feedback.
@Pan Konrad, i don't have the thumbails, but i think it is possible to get a few at once through car sharing and
@Powermarty2, about compare page, i'll have a look into this soon.
@powerdrome, Seasonal page have been removed, as it wasn't updated for months and, the old seasonal event have been removed in the game. We can't display all DLC without non-DLC cars.
@Muckquaiker, feedback button should work now, thanks. (it sends an email to me btw)
@71fleetwood, thanks for correction. Decembre is how it spells in french, that's why ;-)
@globe626, gift links fixed, thanks.
@tadlock, this is not a "no", but there are two Year fields in the car database (all cars doesn't have an explicit date in the game), so it is trickier to have a clear option. But i'll consider it now that i have room for adding filtering/sorting options ;-)
@slower than bob, no problem for me with car's notepad , do you still have the problem, and if yes, on what browser ?
message #27 | Wednesday December 21, 2011 | slower than bob | Report
Site looks great bro! One issue i found is that now I can't change the ''note'' section for my cars. I can still change the quantity number.
message #26 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | andyturneruk | Report
Some info (tested by myself today) on the Toyota FT-86 Concept II '11
This car is awarded to your garage if you purchase (or have purchased) more than 1 copy of an item from the DLC pack released in October.
In my own case, I had previously purchased the whole DLC pack when it first came out in October. What I did today, after the new 2.02 patch, was to purchase from the PS-Store another "paints" DLC item (you could purchase "suits&helmets" if you prefer)... this then counts on your account that you have purchased "duplicates" of DLC, which is the criteria for getting this car. I Loaded up GT5 after purchasing, then pressed the download button to bring the paints into the game, after that I just went into GT Home and a screen appeared saying the car was awarded as thanks for purchasing duplicate DLC.
message #25 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | gpjeff | Report
Both upgrades are great !!!
message #24 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | tadlock | Report
Very nice update!  Great effort!  :tup: :tup:  The filtering and sorting are huge improvements.  Is it possible to have a Year filter as well?
message #23 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | globe626 | Report
Nice job with the new layout. One issue I found was that the Gift icon next to the car list that links to the Event was broken. It seems like the paramenter you set on those links have a typo. It currently shows /eventlist.php?cid='.$car.' rather than /eventlist.php?cid=12
message #22 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | 71fleetwood | Report
Good job on the new look. it's much easier on the eyes. However, there is a misspelling when you move the cursur over DLC 2011 12. The E and R in December are swapped. Other than that, It's perfect as far as I can see.
message #21 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | deba94 | Report
Thanks for all the hard work Milhouse!
One final thing though: when sorting by "missing" it shows:
"x model(s) found missing from my garage (besides DLC), sorted by model."
and hides the DLC. If an option could be added so that DLC could be included in the missing list, that would perfect!
Thank you once again.
message #20 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Muckquaiker | Report
Nice job on the redesign, it looks clean and professional :)
One thing I have noticed (which might be unrelated to the redesign) is that the feedback link in the top right seems to be broken. When you click it you get "Content Loading..." for a while.
message #19 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | powerdrome | Report
Nice job Milouse thanks. The restyling is great.
How can we show up all the DLC all together? If i select ALL DLCs and Missing cars in garage, DLCs do not show up.
Seasonal have been removed?
message #18 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Powermarty2 | Report
@Milouse: I agree, it looks better this way.
Another small comment on apperance: I think in the comparison trader view for items owned by the other user but not owned by myself a different background color than gray would be good. With the new background color of the whole page it's kind a hard to see those items since only the whiter number and border differeniate them from the items not owned by either user.
message #17 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Pan Konrad | Report
Do you have these thumbnails? I've been looking for them for few months and I can't find them. Do you know how to "get" them from the game?
message #15 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Milouse | Report
@Powermarty2, i've just switched P/S/Gift/DLC icon with Own icon, i think it's better this way.
@Pan Konrad, traffic is much lower, Forza side images form factor suits well for a list, and adding small images would considerably increase load times for a page with up to 1080 entries (!)
message #14 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | shepzki0 | Report
@ Milouse
Thanks for adding the level filtering option, much appreciated by all I would think. :-)
message #13 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Pan Konrad | Report
I've got a question.
Can you add thumbnails to the list? The same like on It would' be great option.
These thumbnails:
message #12 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Milouse | Report

[update] I had a look into missing stuff and options:
- The Level info and Lv sorting option are back, with a new Level filter (level select)
- The Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SPL has been added, with a corresponding DLC filter.
- I'll wait for further official infos about the Toyota FT-86 Concept II '11 before adding it.
- Level Ticket 2,3,13,18,19,20 are now on Items page.
message #11 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Powermarty2 | Report
The new design looka good. Only the P/S/Bonus/DLC icons in the carlist appear a little to prominent for my taste compared to the own/missing button.
message #10 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | skylowlow | Report
The site looks a lot better than before. It would be great to get back ordering cars by level.
message #8 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | GTAndy36 | Report
Brilliant new look for the website, thankyou, looks a lot better than before!
message #7 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | pYrus | Report
Nice update. I love it! But please update the new Level Tickets and the Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SPL & Toyota FT-86 Concept II '11.
message #6 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | shepzki0 | Report
I like the new look, colours are ok but I no longer seem to be able to order the cars by level, which is annoying to say the least as it was one of the best features of the site.
message #5 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Pan Konrad | Report
And you've forgotten about Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SPL.
message #4 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Pan Konrad | Report
Great. New look is awesome. And DLC filter is really good idea.
message #3 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Apophis_2029 | Report
There are also new tickets when you complete the online seasonal events: Level 13, Level 3, Level 19, Level 2, Level 18 and Level 20.
(sorry for double post ... ^^)
message #2 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | Apophis_2029 | Report
The Racing Kart SPL. is missing too. It's a bonus, for people who bought the 1st DLC ...
message #1 | Tuesday December 20, 2011 | deba94 | Report
Thank you for the website update Milouse, it looks great!
I've noticed a car is missing though; the Toyota FT-86 Concept II '11
This car is obtained when multiple pieces of DLC are purchased from the Playstation Store.
Thanks once again, and take care.
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