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An outstanding glimpse to the future of videogames car damages

News | Tuesday 29 May 2012 par Milouse | 22756 reads |

Watch this video of where games car damages are likely to go in following years.

The team behind Rigs of Rods, an open source vehicle simulator you've probably never heard of, has unveiled its new car damage physics engine. The demo here use also CryEngine visual engine. This is not a game, nor a game project, but here you can see what future racing games developers will be able to use when they have enough power in console or computer.




Well, assuming they have the right to destroy licenced models as much as technology will allow them...

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message #11 | Saturday 27 July 2013 | AxaFin | Report
I've played a game with softbody physics and i got to say that playing the game reeally hard :( driving over a curb destroys your car easily :( and the physics were really weird :O
message #10 | Tuesday 01 January 2013 | TheOriginalCheezIt | Report
What would cockpit view be like?? I'm a little afraid to think about it.
message #9 | Thursday 14 June 2012 | nosalis | Report
looks great!
message #7 | Wednesday 06 June 2012 | Milouse | Report
I'm not 100% sure, but i think we will get highly detail damages even in games based on commercial model cars. We'll get that later than technology would allow, because manufacturers will fight against the idea. But games that don't include advance model damages will ultimately be disregarded by players, whether or not they include real car models. Market pressure will be too high against the manufacturer reluctance. This could takes a lot of year, though...
Edit: by highly detail damages, i don't mean high amount of damages. Cars in games will continue to get fewer amount of damage they would in real life.
message #6 | Monday 04 June 2012 | andyturneruk | Report
Do you really think that vehicle manufacturers will allow this to be done to their cars in videogames? I doubt people like Ferrari and other top brands will, and so if this kind of damage rendering is brought into GT5, I think we may see a vastly reduced number of cars in the game. I would welcome this into the game, but I seriously doubt some manufacturers will.
message #5 | Sunday 03 June 2012 | Milouse | Report
Yes, the slow motion is here to show the details. Speed and gravity are just simple values to change at will in a physic engine, and are thus not relevant to judge of its quality.
message #4 | Saturday 02 June 2012 | Sobie313 | Report
Figures, as soon as I say the moon, the stupid video says it's in slow motion...
Neat.  Make a game out of it.
message #3 | Saturday 02 June 2012 | Sobie313 | Report
:55  Um, where does that flip happen, on the moon?
No, no flames!  Just sayin' gravity looks a touch off, unless it's a rocket powered truck or something.
message #2 | Thursday 31 May 2012 | jplecas | Report
Finally!! a proper damage engine! It is beautiful :') I wonder how long until we could have something like this on a console
message #1 | Tuesday 29 May 2012 | Jubelis_ | Report
This + Gran turismo = WOW!!
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