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2008 Nissan

370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy Version) '08

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Power/Weight 227 to ? W/kg
Premium Lv 12


Buy @ 0 km

22,500 Cr


381 HP


1250 kg


420 Nm









Performance Points


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Special thanks: Dr JRE pez2k lion1899 powerdrome

dharbert submited the following data:

Comment: You cannot buy this vehicle. You can only get it from a Level 12 ticket, a 2008 ticket, or 1000 ticket.

* : Data corrected based on car state.

CrashChriss submited the following data:

Comment: Only get from Level 12 tickets at random.

* : Data corrected based on car state.

dawtan submited the following data:

Comment: This car is possible to get From GT Academy now!

* : Data corrected based on car state.

John Doe submited the following data:

Comment: @dawtan: No, it isn't. The car from GT Academy '12 is called '370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy) '08', DB ID 1098

* : Data corrected based on car state.

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5491165 --- NoYesYesCONSENSUS (bêta)

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  4. Turbo and Aero (adjustable only) indicates if these modifications are available for this car (you HAVE TO install them prior to post here).
  5. Highest values are possible for a car in the 300-5000 Km (186-3098 miles) range (with oil and engine change)
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max HP

Indy Lap

Car's km
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  • Turbo
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  • Adjustable Aero Front
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  • Adjustable Wing

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    message #1 | Wednesday September 19, 2012 | megavolts | Report
    Anyone got this car with lv12 Ticket?
    I've tried 30 times and nothing! (loading and erasing save) Last Changes

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